Thursday, May 27, 2010

Be part of Matbakh Manal Al Alem™ (Manal Al Alem’s cooking show™)

Dear show lovers,

Salam Aleikom wa rahmat allah wa barakatoh

Wish you all my blessings,

I would like to invite you to participate with me in my new cooking show this Holy Ramadan,

The participation is open to all my beloved fans, you have two options,

First option (Form #1): write your questions and suggestions and I will answer them during the show, you can also request some recipes.

Second option (Form #2): To attend the cooking show with me in the studio, this will be limited to participants in Kuwait, as I will be shooting in Kuwait with god’s will.

Please go ahead and fill the appropriate forms,

You will be contacted shortly,

Awaiting you in Ramadan Inshalla,

With love,

Manal Al Alem

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